Final Fantasy Adventure [edit | edit source] Defeating monsters yields Experience and GP, the former's accumulation leveling up the player and asking what type of stat they want to boost. After this scenario is over, both the human and the mutant may gain a stat bonus, and no consumable items were used. For example, I know that Onion Knight is the best class in the game from level 92-99. They can then use a job with better growth stats to increase that character's level back up to what it was, with better stats. All other stats are the same for someone with the same level, job, job level and equipment. For purposes of min-maxing, it is best to not upgrade Odin into the Raiden magicite. Similar to Final Fantasy VII, leveling up a character grants a varying amount of HP and MP. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Oct 4 '09 at 21:54. seanmonstar seanmonstar. It's written for the DS version, but I believe the PC port is more or less the same (with some sidequest content no longer locked behind the DS wireless service). Stat boosting nodes created this way offer higher boosts than pre-existing nodes. They have an opportunity to gain HP, but no chance for any stat gains. However, almost every character in the game will have 9999 HP when they are wearing a Red Cap at max level. I usually give her a +1 MagPwr esper, so her max MagPwr will now be 127 instead of 128, but she will get 2 more Vigor or 1 more speed than normal.) The formula which determines HP growth upon levelling up depends partially on your Vitality - therefore, characters with higher Vitality will gain more HP. HPMod and MPMod begin at 250 and 200, respectively and increase irregularly with level. Keeping at least one Master Sphere may be useful just to check if a character's Sphere Grid has been completed, as trying to use Master Sphere on a character who has activated all nodes has it grayed out, otherwise, it will show where the remaining nodes are. Stats, or attributes, are numeric characteristics that describe the properties of a character. Whenever a character levels up they get a randomized bonus to their HP and/or MP within a certain range. Party members' stats can be boosted permanently via enhancers. Ask a question here Help a gamer Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions. Thus, keeping Kain at a low level up until the battle will result in significantly higher HP and MP as Kain levels up afterwards than if he leveled up as the Hooded Man. First, if the robot targets one enemy and the monster targets the other, both easily killing their targets, the human and the mutant don't get a chance to act since the battle ends too quickly. Both can be exploited for specific purposes; Bravery boosts the damage of some of the game's strongest physical attacks, increases the odds of reaction abilities triggering, and reduces the chance of being inflicted with Chicken at the cost of finding rare items with Treasure Hunter; while Faith increases the power of magick spells and the effectiveness of helpful magick spells cast on the character at the cost of taking more damage from enemy spells. Best Solo Stats Increase- This part will offer the best combination of raising one stats to the max as possible, since levels go up to only 99, many stats can't go to the max of 99. This means that if the player makes Basch one of the physical classes, he will have "wasted" some of his base Strength. I've just reached the surface world in 3, and am extremely confused as to how stat growth in this game works because of the ambiguity in most guides when talking about character level vs job level, and which stats permanently stay with you vs which ones don't. There aren't many bosses where only one or two attacks finishes the battle, so it is likely that everyone will get a chance to take an action in any case. The third scenario. FINAL FANTASY® III, one of the best-loved games from the epic RPG series, available on Steam. Second, when do those stats increase, when my character levels up or when the job levels up? Unlike other games, characters' stats—with the exception of HP and MP—do not rise on leveling up, but are instead boosted by equipping weapons, relics and magicite. The values given here are the initial values, for Skill Level 1. Boss battles should be focused on quick kills. Die meisten Stat-Maxing-Guides im Internet empfehlen, alle [+1/+2/+3]-Felder wegzusprengen und in entsprechende [+4]-Felder umzuwandeln. re: Max stats omega is unbeatable without holy wars and if your good enough without getting hit by him! Please expand this article into a full one. However, the most accurate attack in the game (belonging Dark Ixion) requires a combined total of 290 to ensure dodge any evadable attack; it does not matter whether this is 255 Evasion and 35 Luck, or 35 Evasion and 255 Luck, or anywhere in-between. It's like a traditional FF menu that we are used to! Max Stats. Min-maxing is a gameplay term used in reference to many video games, particularly RPGs. The mutant has an ability that can kill the second enemy on its own. So I recently decided to go back and play the older Final Fantasy games, or at least, the ones I had easy and convenient access to (namely, 3-6 on Steam). Serah and Noel can increases their HP, Strength, and Magic using small and large nodes on the Crystarium. By giving the proper augments to each party member, they will gain in all stats at each level up, allowing for an extra +280 HP, +140 MP, and +28 in all other stats once they hit level 99. If a character's HP falls to 0, his status becomes KO When a character gains a level, his maximum HP increases based on his current Vitality, which is in turn based on his current job. It is recommended to save the game before filling in nodes, particularly when obtaining the Saboteur and Synergist large node bonuses. While Magic will still have an effect over 128 via equipment boosts, any Strength over 128 is wasted. Version 2.0! 64% Evasion means that exactly half of the physical attacks are evaded, for instance. I consulted them regularly both for this guide and as a player of FF9. HP enhancers can be farmed one-at-a-time in the Escaping the Imperial Capital mission. Higher agile characters generally act before lower agile characters, although this is not 100% true most of the time due to random factors. Due to the Marcus/Eiko stat bug, Marcus's stat growth transfers to Eiko without affecting her level. As in, if I grinded up to job level 99 with Onion Knight now at character level 25, would I lose out on those stats? Hoping someone can shine a light on this. Similar to the level reset glitch in Final Fantasy VI, the Emerald Weapon countdown glitch allows a player to retain the stats of a party on one save and transfer them to another save (bar level, HP, and MP). Espers grant stat bonuses at level up, so the best way to maximize stats is to keep characters at a low level until earning stronger espers, so that they will get more stat boosts. The character's secondary A-ability does not affect stat growth. At this point there are three encounters that force Zidane or several characters to gain levels. There are three potential scenarios here. Thanks to Rebirth Flame and Shotgunnova for their guides loaded with accurate and useful information. Those stats stay with me forever. There is no trick of getting higher stats since characters are on a growth curve that cannot be modified in-game, and the only other way to permanently increase stats is through items. Thanks for reading. The Expert Sphere Grid has 36 fewer nodes than Regular. However, their stats are very low all around, until character level 92, when their stats skyrocket, eventually making them the best job in the game. Mag Up can be mugged from NORG's Left Orb and Spr Up can be mugged from his Right Orb. Classic editor History Comments Share. You can view your character’s current stat values by navigating to the Sphere Grid and pressing the Button. Your job class then applies a modifier to those stats. Therefore, in order to maximize the potential for stats with humans and mutants is to at least have their turn come up in every battle. Using junctions it is possible to max out a character's stats without any bonuses, but this requires high-powered magic, whereas the bonuses allow the player to reach the maximum value with lesser spells, freeing their stronger stock to junction to stats that cannot have bonus increases. You raise Skill Levels by winning battles. HP maxes at 9,999 while the other four stats max out at 255. Players can create a powerful character in terms of physical attacks, a powerful magician with strong magic attacks, or anything in between. All characters begin with 32 maximum HP HP represents how much punishment a character can take. This mod fixes that by making the menu more clean and simple. lol well, at max, you can deal about 1million hp in 2 … If playing the Advance release, the player may take advantage of the level reset glitch to maximize character stats. One must be careful not to scare a party member away by reducing their Bravery too low, or raise their Faith too high and cause them to leave the party in favor of a pious life. _C0 Max Stats _L 0x001F8531 0x00000063 _L 0x001F8532 0x00000063 _L 0x001F8533 0x00000063 _L 0x001F8534 0x00000063 _L 0x001F8535 0x00000063 _C0 No Negative Status _L 0x001F8537 0x00000000 _C0 Job Modifier _L 0x001F85F0 0x00000000 _C0 Quick Job Level Up _L 0x801F85FA 0x00170014 _L 0x00000068 0x00000000 _C0 All Jobs Level 99 _L 0x801F85F8 0x00170014 _L … Therefore, to ensure than everybody has a chance to have an action during battle, the player should have a higher agile characters to kill the more dangerous enemies and let the lower agile characters mop up the rest of the enemies. Clears stat nodes from grid. Large nodes give certain bonuses depending on which role is leveled up: There are 197 large nodes that can be filled in each character's Crystarium. More Str Up can be mugged from Right Probe. When starting a new game battles will not work, however, the game can be saved and then loaded and it will still be a perfectly working save file. So I suggest of you doing this for testing only, don't try this as for a Perfect Game Save. For endgame min-maxing purposes, it is actually better to make a character the class opposite of what their strengths are, than to play to their strengths, because armor will allow for anyone to cap their primary stat. Stats are capped at 99, and thus even Ashe in high tier heavy armor will cap out at 99 Strength despite having the lowest natural Strength. While most stats are raised by performing actions in battle, the chance to gain Agility is based solely on the user's Evasion percentage. Str Up can be found on the second floor. This isn't really a huge deal, unless you want to eventually have 9999HP (which isn't really necessary). Which stats are increased or decreased are not entirely random, each character has a pool of 5 possible combinations which is choosen randomly by the game on leveling up. Your job level doesn't affect your stats at all. Magic. Monster statistics are set and based on the actual monsters in-game. This means that two characters at the same level will always have the same base stats. It is impossible to clear ability nodes. Given that Ashe has the highest base Magick and lowest base Strength, she makes for a good Bushi, Knight, or Monk that all have magick abilities which benefit from Ashe's higher base Magick stat since the License Boards themselves don't give any Magick boosts. Typically, Noel will finish with higher HP and Strength than Serah, but with less Magic. After maximizing those stats, the player can use the remaining large nodes to increase Serah's HP and Noel's Magic. For example, when Steiner equips his sword Defender, his Spirit temporarily increases by three. Enter a battle (preferably with a Goblin, but anything that can't damage you beyond one damage is fine) 3. In every battle, there are certain tactics that should be used to achieve maximum effectiveness in terms of item usage and stat gaining. Final Fantasy XV All Stats and What They Do (Vitality, Spirit, etc.) The player will have to leave one stat out, or can raise them all equally. CELES ----- Base Stats: Vigor: 34 Speed: 34 Stamina: 31 MagPwr: 36 Most possible levels for stat increasing: (Note: Celes can equip a +1 esper from level 5 to 6, so I consider it half a level worth of stat boosting. Most things that hit above 9,999 HP will one-shot regardless. Even cutting out all Accuracy and Evasion Spheres will not allow one to max both. Only buff HP if you don't plan on getting to 99. By min-maxing for Agility as soon as possible, party members can equip heavy armor, such as the extremely-heavy Genji Armor, while retaining a high or even maximum Evasion-% value. Number of followers 82 Number of moderators 4 Number of guides 10 Number of resources 2 Date added 12 May 2015, 23:38. The higher Luck cap won't change much on the requirements to max all stats, the player will just have to decide between maxing Luck or maxing Accuracy and Evasion. For example, let's say there are two enemies against the player's party of a robot, monster, human, and mutant. The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy VI. One Luck Up can be won from the 5th floor D-District Prison card player. Ramza will never leave the party, so his Faith can be maxed without penalty. In the second scenario, the robot and the monster both target the first monster and the human and mutant target the second monster. The stats that increase by leveling are as follows: HPMod and MPMod begin at 250 and 200, respectively and increase irregularly with level. Some Guardian Forces have innate support skills that grant a permanent increase to base stats on level up, so to maximize stat growth the player should keep their characters at a low level until they can equip these. Once passing the true max values, these statistics will revert to 0 in a rollover glitch. HP growth is based on level and Vitality. Jonathan Leack Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Below are all the official descriptions for stats in Final Fantasy XV. To Max Stats, press Y to enter the menu, then scroll to the very bottom to the tab labeled "Max Stats." Number of IL runs 0 Number of Full-game runs 173 Number of runs 173 Most recent run 7 Nov 2020, 12:00. Since its target is dead, when the human's turn comes up, the human simply does nothing and no consumable item is used. In addition to these automatic increases, the Bonus values also increases based on the stat bonuses given by equipment. -Max Tidus, Wakka, Rikku stats and get Luck to 130-Farm HP spheres to fill empty nodes-Defeat Nemesis in Monster Arena-Steal Lvl 4 Key Locks from Nemesis (I needed 27, got it in about 20 minutes)-Complete Tidus, Wakka, Rikku sphere grid-Complete everyone else's sphere grid, except for Luck-Defeat Dark Aeons & Penance -Use clear spheres to clear luck nodes and fill with HP spheres … This is the ideal scenario. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Magic is a factor in determining the damage you do with magical attacks. The stat … Other options include not maxing stats that may not be necessary such as Magic, Accuracy, And Agility. Once the player has reached the uppermost Monster tier by consuming the meat from one of the Four Fiend refights, they will only be able to progress by changing to the form of other top-tier monsters. The turn order during battle is generally determined by the agility of the unit. After those encounters, there are none that require the party to gain experience until all the equipment in the game becomes available. Humans and mutants also can gain an increase to maximum HP if they survive a battle. As such, players can use jobs with good all-around stats to make characters stronger overall, or use specialized jobs, like the Ninja, to make them excel at a particular set of jobs. 461 nodes will be left, but 333 HP Spheres and 249 MP Spheres are needed to max both for all characters. Speed and Spirit max at 50, while Strength and Magic max at 99. Because stats are fixed within each Job, choosing a low Vitality Job will result in a character with relatively low Max HP. The main way of min-maxing would be to pay attention to the characters' action time with each weapon type, as some faster than others. The HP Bonus ability is probably the most useless of the bonus abilities, as it only gives +30 HP per level up. 999 MP is easier to track, as each character gets 11 MP from level 97 to 98 and 13 from 98 to 99, so the player just needs to remember to equip Crusader for the last level or two. The same is done just before a character joins the party, as their HP and MP are determined there as well. Mutants level up via their actions, but cap out at 99 in each respective stat. This request can be discussed on the associated discussion page. Therefore, the player should minimize the number of uses of consumable items to save GP. Otherwise the player can focus on leveling up Strength, Stamina, Speed and Magic Power. See the manual for meanings of the stats. A mod that changes the layout of the Final Fantasy III PC menu. To max all stats in the Regular Sphere Grid one will have to replace all HP Spheres, any stat sphere below +4, and any MP Sphere below +40. Max Stats (FF X) Hallo, ich hab mal ein paar fragen zu max stats. The robot, monster and human all attack the first enemy while the mutant targets the second enemy. Once the player can purchase Clear Spheres at the Monster Arena, they can use them to blank spots on the Sphere Grid and fill them in with stat-boosting spheres of their choice., Expansion required (Final Fantasy Type-0). The maximum effective value for all stats is 128. Thanks to KADFC for his Max Stats Guide, and especially Terence for discovering the formulas that govern stat growth! First, is this referring to character level, or job level? Re: Final Fantasy IV DS: Augment Guide/Max Stat Tables[Spoilers] « Reply #9 on: September 12, 2008, 01:00:18 AM » UPDATE: I've made space on my Augment Guide and removed the FAQs section, in favor of replacing it with my original recommendations for augment distributions, to … As these are all one time encounters (except Raijin who is met twice), the only way to get a continuous supply is to refine them using Doomtrain's Forbid Med-RF as described below: The player can use a combination of the gil trick and card refining to max any stat other than Evade, but it is very time consuming. The only classes where base stats matter for the primary role are Foebreaker and Shikari, which are best for Fran and Balthier respectively. All stats hard cap at 255. Final Fantasy III is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the Family Computer.The third installment in the Final Fantasy series, it was released in 1990.