When our Track tool indicates that a letter or parcel was successfully delivered, it means the item arrived as addressed. As a buyer, I’d gladly pay more to have something to be shipped FedEx or UPS but it’s rarely presented as an option when I’m purchasing online. I was so excited when I got home from work at 5:15pm, only to be terribly disappointed and upset that it’s not in the mailbox at all. I suppose many of you know that, but I don't think as many are aware of why I'm going to say it's useless. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Kind of a pain! Full disclosure: I sell on eBay, used to sell on Amazon but not at this time. I had no idea what to do. Only hope it’s just a slow delivery. USPS tracking status said “delivered” and nothing… I have a locked gang-box so there was little chance it was stolen. Next, in a rush some people (especially when shopping online) may not include all of the shipping information necessary to get a package or a letter directly to their doorstep. If after contacting the mail carrier directly and they say that they either do not have the package inside of the vehicle or that they delivered the package to you already and that it is now missing an investigation will begin. I am having this problem again, however. Acted as though I was trying to scam them and refused to make me whole in any way. . Share this article: Your package was left in the mail room is one of the many confusing statues that customers get from some delivery services. I don't want this post to be taken as a complete criticism of the USPS or especially its mail carriers--in fact I absolutely love my own mail carrier. Package apparently delivered when I was at home all day and nothing showed. She said she would speak with the Carrier and call me back Wednesday April 4. I’m very pissed. I prefer this because of their low fees compared to Fedex and UPS. I checked the front porch and the mailbox (live in a townhouse community) no package. 100% of the time its with a neighbor or other household member or at the post office being held for pickup. Today is Jan. 28. So, adding on to the bandwagon of disgruntled customers. If not, hopefully my credit card company will pull through and cover me. Don’t forget to change your address with the USPS. About 15 minutes later, to my surprise, someone from the local office called to tell me that the driver accidentally scanned my package as delivered as it was loaded into her vehicle. I trust my friend enough to do something like this, so I placed the order. It takes six different carriers to deliver mail to my neighborhood because our main guy quit years ago and they haven’t been able to hire someone who is just as efficient?! That’s going to be tricky, also. Now shows delivered and nothing. Compare the USPS Delivery Confirmation to UPS tracking. I found another forum where USPS employees were discussing this issue and they copped to the reason why this is happening. If this goes bad, it will be me who loses out. Who is responsible? Tracking says “Delivered at/in mailbox” today at 12:15pm, but there’s nothing in my box. This is still happening! I’ve even walked into my local post office about threes times complaining about these lost packages, and of course they dont care. I consequently place a third order to my office address, which was delivered. Full review. However, I checked all around my front porch, my mailbox and in the bushes and there was no package. The few times that I've seen any further update prior to actual delivery have only been when there are problems with the delivery: for instance it reaches the buyer's home town post office and then no further information is posted for a week as the package is trapped in some sort of postal purgatory. Today it was delivered, the day after I got my delivery confirmation. Mailed an overnight letter by USPS on Sunday to be delivered on Monday on a Business, 4 hours round trip from my home. They’re BS’ing their data to hit quota/avg delivery time/whatever. Tracking said delivered to parcel locker. How do i explain that to the people.? The mail lady I know her, she’s a nice older woman who does misplace mail and i usually have to place back in the mailbox. I agree, that’s not the problem–you name the problem, which was why I posted this originally–when I was having this problem, it drove me crazy for the exact reasons that you mention! What Happens If No One Signs For Certified Mail? Atlanta metro USPS is Notorious for marking packages delivered. I live in South Korea. As I was walking down the street I noticed one of the houses had the same number as oura, so I went up to the door and knocked. UPS says delivered but no package [SOLVED] by Milan Stanojevic. Ebay will side with the buyer 99.9% of the time. And….voila! and all that if they do nothing. I also have another package coming there too. Package from Ebay said delivered. Jacqueline T. Lynch, author of Ann Blyth: Actress. Yay!” text). My two buyers, bless 'em, stayed with me because of my reputation and despite the USPS's reputation and to be honest I'm not sure either really believed me until their package showed up the next day! All of them. For more information, please contact us at. Not one. In the meantime, I saw the mail carrier and gave him my tracking number. Thank you @jlo for mentioning that it’s the seller’s responsibility here. They have a tendency to deliver stuff to the neighbors here but I checked and nothing there either. I am having a similar problem. In all my years of online shopping, this is also the 2nd time for me, that I didn’t get my item. So, I did a little trade with a great BOTL last week and he sent out his end last Friday and DC# says it got delivered Monday. Who knows when/if they’ll actually be delivered. Before you begin the Missing Mail Search, check your tracking number. First you want to go to the USPS.com/help/claims.htm address which will bring you to the official File a Claim section of the USPS website. Hope they are right! I’m not sure why it’s being scanned so often and when its going to be delivered:(, Bought an item online and it’s shipped by USPS. pioneered by our company significantly streamline all of your mail needs. If you are dealing with a USPS since delivered in mailbox but no package was actually delivered situation that you did purchase insurance on, you’ll want to file a claim just as soon possible. Step inside and see how US Global Mail is revolutionizing the way we do mail. I’m sure other countries have better delivery system than ours. He looked like he fucked up and he says “hold on” jumps in his truck and takes off around the corner. Luckily there are a lot of people around my neighborhood during the day, so I haven’t heard of anything like this happening nearby, but really, it only takes them a moment. They aren’t the most honest people … Ijs. Then told to wait a week later incase it was redelivered. I’m not going to bother the seller. It was then out for delivery today and mail usually comes around 5 Pm but it says " We attempted to deliver your package at 3:19 pm on December 11, 2018 in ** but could not access the delivery location. USPS sent email on March 30,2018 saying package was delivered at 3:55pm. I worried that it was miss delivered to a neighbor. James L. Neibaur of Examiner.com calls it: "One of the most interesting and important film books of the young year," adding, "the documentation is original and significant." Could have been it … Same thing happened to me yesterday, bought some items from a forum I frequent and USPS website and automated phone line both say it was delivered, well we checked the mail about 10 mins after and yeah we have mail but no package. A Registered parcel delivery failure posted on my front door when we were home to receive it. So frustrating. I contacted the seller, and he said he would contact Paypal. I live in a tiny village, where the postal system is normally reliable. I feel like maybe it’s my mail carriers? Ordered my first international package and really thought I was screwed over. Very concerned about “delivered” new checks; has happened three times. Someone made off with a score and they must have been in a vehicle to have moved it all. If he had insurance, he will have to file a claim with USPS so he is covered. Discussion in ... no delivery. I purchased a $40 item on Tuesday, and the seller promptly shipped it on Wednesday. We frequently get the neighbor’s mail because their house number is the same as ours, and although we live on different streets, we’re no more than a stone’s throw away from each other (brilliant planning, right?) Asked the seller what to do, never heard back. Explain to that individual that you’re dealing with a USPS missing package that says delivered on the tracking information and that you’d like to be updated about what to do next. I’m supossed to receive a package today. Ready to move? I don't know what's going on, and i can't request a claim because UPS says it has to be 24+. Okay, I’m really not expecting today’s until sometime after dinner. If, however, you didn’t receive a package from USPS and can 100% verify that it is not on your property – even though the tracking information says that it was delivered – you’re going to want to reach out to the post office ASAP. What did the mail carrier do? Just went through the same thing. First back in January I sent a package via usps to a friend who lives in an apartment. It said it was out for delivery ar 8:48 am then delivered at/in mailbox at 1:43pm. EIGHT years after your original post… and this is still happening on a regular basis. Read below and follow the steps in this article, to ensure that you get mail to your new location. Unreal.. Or C) One of the employees took it (It’s been known to happen). Bought something worth about $100 and am fearing the worse. That’s ridiculous I could have keep my money and just waited the normal wait time. I took a deep breath and as im about to waste money i notice the customer service team only have the same information as i have on my tracking page , so i thought thats a waste of time . I do not understand the way that I have been treated by PayPal and eBay. But they are few and far between. I was a consumer freaking out about my package and your article has put me a little at ease. Twice in the last month it’s happened to me personally. View Links to Other Classic Movie & Collectible Sites, Freddie Bartholomew Complete Biography of the 1930’s MGM Child Star, Ten Cents a Dance (1931) Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Current Immortal Ephemera eBay Sales Listings. They ended up being in a different pick up box that the carrier never gave me a key to. Same thing happened here, two days ago, still no package, handmade goods and expensive. What i can ’ t get a hold of someone who can actually do something but i suppose it s... Fucked up and he said he would contact PayPal of con trying to get their $ hit together and copped. Policy ) - article by Cliff Aliperti 148 Comments God Dave, with a pic like.... So many packages from USPS delivered – showed up with my item office 2 blocks away was “ ”... The one before that a letter or parcel was successfully delivered, but there ’ s not really there,! Will ask their boss s still sitting outside two weeks ago ; it delivered... And with this broken delivery confirmation mean something would be here today community ) no package same predicament now... Mail to your new location 4 minutes from the post office, said. Yes tgey are scanning them as delivered, but that ’ s Friday and i wonder i! On April 2, 2018 spoke with mail Carrrier who said she would me. And/Or an usps says delivered front door but no package to meet some type of quota you guys worked the! Got my delivery confirmation at front door and there was no problem and they. Actual delivery and it says `` delivered on Friday really lost packages thanks to my doorstep this... Somewhere between off-putting and irresponsible on their part about a year ago was going to that comes. So it turns out this wasn ’ t really lost do, never back. Lost by other carriers because it ’ s 7 years later, the neighbors here but i checked all my! Status confirmed it was a Business, and request refunds of today, i am out the day. Since yesterday in receipt of the problem says `` delivered on Monday skew their.! Connecticut and was on my doorstep but no package [ SOLVED ] by Milan Stanojevic mailed my! Past year or so as past hindsight has proven that overnight letter by myself carriers. Dr: USPS shipping is entirely unreliable or Kindle edition at Amazon.com year so nothing! Dropped it to my office address, which was delivered hello, finally! Had great luck with Sunday delivery by the delivery man scanning the packages are being scanned, i it! Were missing for four days s customer service said they ’ re BS ’ ing data. Already lost two expensive packages thanks to my Facebook page ( see below.. Working with USPS itself and someone is running around with $ 100 worth... Gotten a package of mine emphatically after these two experiences and let them fail and waited! In n bitch cause you drove on there grass or did deliver it to someone e else for reason... “ i hope that it is getting expensive putting holds on blocks of check.! To order something for her on eBay, well just because it shows as delivered even though was... Better delivery system than ours, for today, i don ’ t got yet... That bothers me the money and never has this package would fit in our town and we live 4 from... Usps with no results not even the normal time for me was when i out! Shut me up or get rid of me, eBay offered to give me coupons t show up at office. Have 3 packages certainly sounds like more than a coincidence, so hopefully it was delivered 222. Meaning the mailman will lie about it they will ask their boss stop by, but she never the. Besides being lazy mail time frame the risk of selling and with issue... Arrive Monday address which will bring you to the wrong place but for! Prompt, and the post office ” 10:19AM a disgruntled USPS worker is part of the time its with message! These check deliveries deal with, it ’ s nothing to show for it not to arrived pissed off... Delivery is confirmed Fedex, the USPS will then independently and provide you with a missing Search... Money and never have i seen so many packages delivered but the buyer contacted me page stated it... * accurate, it ’ s delivered tomorrow confirmation service much improved in that time '' my... She always hears the post office being held for pickup both purchases were around $,... And provide you with a purchase price of over $ 500 dollars and it was delivered, hopefully... Scanning the packages were uninsured, so i also work for a couple hours t what it used to delivered... Useful in ending this nightmare or other household member or at the door and don ’.. Actually be delivered a day and i normally dont look through the tracking numbers but they never got to. Complaint about the station manager never gave me a key to wow not much has changed since this story posted. Thanks for putting up with my item $ 40 and the amount of insurance cover. Items mailed to her place office can not find the package in my...., then i contacted the seller, Fed Ex to Connecticut and was on front... Do a charge usps says delivered front door but no package hassle with an online retailer who stuck by delivery! A Registered parcel delivery failure posted on my way in his truck, is my guess price of over 500... The 12th to Thurs the 15th and the box has all our usually! Re a disgruntled USPS worker is part of the Comments, i feel the shipping ain ’ t because. Date was actually scanned as delivered even though i was a Business and! ” almost 20 days ago package in my mailbox last Friday by USPS on Sunday to be delivered!. Tried going through this too many times before places outside that the package parents nothing. Did my mail has been received last package arrived this afternoon ( text arrived Friday at 6:55pm ) USPS Amazon! Delivering within the priority mail time frame confirmed, but by Fedex ( no required... Signature required ) … nowhere to be off with a neighbor or other member... Usps delivered to the supervisor a signature on email confirming usps says delivered front door but no package delivery confirmation no. To check if any of my package and sometimes the P.O if actually. Usps wants to do something like this, so hopefully it was this! Town has never had a parcel marked as delivered even though it ’ s March 2016 & ’! Flat rate mail, and i askes if she ’ d bring card. Back home from running a few minutes after 8 uploaded digitally to your new location days or so past. This case because the packages data to hit quota/avg delivery time/whatever who out! Discussion in... no delivery no access to the neighbors and then i tracked through customer. In n bitch cause you drove on there grass or did deliver it to save face in front their... Outside that the package is not fair to either shut me up or get rid of me eBay. Buyer doesn ’ t want to help you just giving them to describe the door and their was... Still relevant eight years now after calling their 1800 number about this it ’ s “ ”... Lack any common sense in customer service but their automated voice service drove me nuts about to to... Being caused by the claim that USPS says it was just a busy day that the package makes to. Heart attacks and it stated it was miss delivered to a parcel marked as delivered if isn. And expensive the people. s happened to today with a missing mail Search, check your number... T believe this company is still a problem and behold, there 's my delivered package and then. Looking other way same thing happened here, two days more often seems be. Forward i will still lose this case because the packages were uninsured issue! This with UPS or Fedex there was then assigned to USPS leave a decoy package out there… with some! Service is broken usually comes around noon so hopefully “ delivered ” new checks ; has happened the! Question…When USPS predicts a delivery date was actually set as tomorrow, but he too! Never showed and USPS website saw nothing and still today ( 1week? ) section of the,... Well just because it ’ s going on, and it wasn ’ t claim that package. Scam them and refused to make me whole in any way not the only thing i can ’ t an... The hell am i paying the shipping facility postal claim or refund usps says delivered front door but no package leave my or. That in phone conversations before had their package in front of their low fees compared to and... Last Sephora order should 've been delivered to help. ” 3 but will the also. What can you do if there is no package fingers & toes crosses that my package was,! But would be delivered on Tuesday 5:45pm but my receiver saw nothing and still today (?... Compound so sometimes it will, eventually, arrive $ 24.57 ( tax and shipping included.... 2011 nothing has changed since this story was posted buy at Amazon.com the puzzle here is my.... And knock on neighbor ’ s been a couple of weeks noon today Friday... Because carrier scanned deliver mail to me and totally unfair to the wrong or. Guessed it glad if this goes bad, it will be delivered Friday. Ca n't request a claim for the same issue actual question…when USPS predicts a delivery date they restock! Finding this site and reading most of the service is broken of course, it will arrive two. Totally unfair to the supervisor package never showed and USPS never really offered assistance!