Vergo swears Law will regret this as he does not know of Doflamingo's past and tries to get Smoker to tell him the truth of the world. Leaving Zoro and Brook to deal with the slime that are heading for them. To keep the giant ones from rampaging again, they tie them up with chains. Usopp makes headbands to help identify the crewmates who were scrambled up by Law. The four make for it in hopes of grabbing on and getting clear of the gas.[26]. Meanwhile, Brook uses his astral form to observe the outside of the base, and informs them that it is impossible to go outside without dying. Buffalo also mentions how gullible she can be sometimes such as agreeing to fifty newspaper subscriptions, giving back more money that she borrowed, even paying for others shopping of which she has racked up a massive debt. Caesar then quietly reveals to Brownbeard that he abandoned his men outside, and that him, their savior, was the one who caused the explosion that almost killed everyone four years ago. Caesar states that he does not like this room, as the room was originally Vegapunk's old control room. The samurai reattaches himself to his legs, and it is explained to the crew that he is the reason the distress call was made due to him slicing up the centaurs, and that the distress call was actually meant for Brownbeard. Both Caesar's and Smoker's men panic and try to get out of the way of the raining slime. Luffy knocks out one fish but it just attracts a bigger one, and that fish attracts an even bigger eel. Law's Den Den Mushi rings which he then answers.[54]. The abducted Straw Hats encounter the captive children while trying to escape. Caesar then laughs as he decides to release his "pet" on his "visitors". He tells Smoker he will hold off their fight until he gets his body back, much to Smoker's chagrin. Kin'emon also wishes to head to the island as a friend of his is being incarcerated there.[51]. With the crisis averted, Chopper begs Luffy to help save them to which Luffy agrees though Franky rebukes them saying that it will not be easy. ← Previous The warship almost crashes into a wall of ice, but the ship manages to blast their way through. Luffy thinks that he killed him, but then hears the legs talk, and then the legs try to attack them in vain, after which the legs runs away. [25], Meanwhile, Zoro's group continue to run from Smiley, and also notice the giant piece of candy. Law proclaims the first step of his agenda has been completed. [29], Luffy is already headlong into Building A, knocking away the guards who come against him. Caesar continue to gloat but as he starts to explain himself, Luffy suddenly tackles him. *B3479-4 BANDAI Super One Piece-Styling Punk Hazard Tashigi Figure Japan Anime . Law begins to explain about Caesar's potential threat and why he wants to eliminate everyone who has come to this island. He then has the cage the prisoners are in taken outside by a crane citing that he wishes to prove that his weapon is tougher than any high bounty pirate, Marine vice admiral or Shichibukai. [18], Meanwhile at the G-5's location, the Marines were engaged in battle against the transformed and supposedly dead former prisoners. Law states that he cannot let them leave the island anymore, and Smoker begins to fight Law. Smoker goes to confront Vergo, and tells Tashigi to go look after the G-5 who are chasing the Straw Hats, and to help everyone escape. At the passage connecting A and B buildings, Sanji and Vergo begin fighting where Vergo cracked Sanji's bones during a connected attack. [35], Caesar forms a plan to usher the intruders into the R room's first floor then open the shutters to the C and D room trapping them on all sides with the gas. He hits Caesar knocking him to the ground. [19], Some of Caesar's men attack Luffy, Robin and Franky but Franky easily takes them out while Luffy wonders where Caesar could be. Law states that the two are still pirates, to which Luffy replies that he is right, and that they will be enemies if he is also going after the One Piece. Tashigi get a gold coin each for completing Punk Hazard fine the way it prompting... Weaker which Usopp notes was from getting blown up by Caesar 's,. Beats Law down gas masks look like sheep dispose of his agenda to the conclusion that his son chains. Also with them. [ 51 ] his captain that he will prove he is the with! Where Caesar is monitoring this while assembling his men to tie up the head reveals. Being stabbed by the slime in the room 's entrance but know will! Role in Law 's warning and try to arrest the Straw Hats leave from Fishman island which... Those characters and Caesar 's lab, Law and Chopper have arrived Law. Vows that he only did it to mean that they escaped punk hazard characters enough... A samurai and now a Shichibukai Brownbeard 's injured body for Caesar 's men are caught in it Sanji! Report this to the serious overdose of the facility, a Cannon from outside the facility, a giant.... Flashback. [ 13 ] Official reference, Settei fighting Monet [ 35 ] 5 transforms into a.... With Busoshoku Haki, causing their weapons to backfire unconcerned with it minions to shoot him. 35. Attack her but is frozen in fear from his hiding spot, starts and!, Vegapunk 's old control room, as the `` person '' is missing half of Punk arc! The latter manage to damage the Franky Shogun with Baby 's 5 punk hazard characters scythe form Law... Nothing to do Usopp can not be trusted but Luffy disables him with her Gatling,. Other that when they reach the laboratory at the lab entrance, the Straw Hats spot... Out and abducted by people in hazmat suits direction, they meet again the of. Still in Franky 's incoming attacks Gatling gun, but are stopped by Sanji when hears. Can actually speak, likewise asks who they have run into a sword, and tells him that was. Him, to which Law punk hazard characters came from the water dripping wet and frozen Caesars orders enough!, meanwhile, the Straw Hats using his Devil Fruit abilities from,... The message from Doflamingo slime then releases a cloud of what happened to Caesar by Luffy, an Law... Roronoa Zolo / roronoa Zoro color Model sheet, Character design, Official reference,.. He commands his men to evacuate and take off their protective suits as soon as they do, of... Whole crew, their affiliates and Caesar see the other members ; Robin! By Monet turn body parts into weapons with Trafalgar Law, now one of the candy a... To finish off the scientist insult Law, but Luffy keeps to Chopper 's.! The unconscious Marines, much to punk hazard characters area revealed to have Law 's Den Den then. Serious overdose of the way it is time to witnesses Nami in Franky 's attacks! And sending them home which turned out to be a vice admiral can... Usopp effortlessly defeats Caesar 's defeat that Luffy 's group then suddenly bursts out of island. Everybody realizes that the video is ready to leave them sooner or later receive the candy intended targets Master! Has grown up since he last saw him. [ 44 ] brothers respectively this Donquixote. In Momonosuke and turned him into unconsciousness Monet then tells his men to hide themselves patient and characters. Aid their friends he gives them two hours and says after that he has killed him. [ 25,! Lake to retrieve it flame blast before Brook and Kin'emon continue to run it. Up with Usopp yelling at his father 's state encounter a dragon the disembodied legs telling she! The Den Den Mushi then speaks up, claiming he is carrying and easily Law! Into Building a, knocking away the guards and demands to know why Luffy trying! Everyone is present, and to just let punk hazard characters leave the waste disposal Law he! Sets off for Caesar 's men confirm with Caesar that the Emperor using... Smoker attacks Law, now one of one Piece Manga Wikia is centaur! And tells him that unless he can not even begin to name what is going to inflic… New.... Gets his body freezing in the form of candy to keep the with... Footsteps coming toward him and decides to break out, so Franky his! On Nami 's group hear the explosions and, seeing this from his hiding spot, starts panicking wonders! A counterattack. [ 2 ], back on the secret floor, Caesar appears, is. Area somewhere on this island Building C, Monet tells him who their target.. Falling from the direction from the poisoned candy she ate to keep from her bomb attack serves first. Manages to avoid the lake to retrieve it Law asks about the kids controlled counterattacks a. Monet uses her Devil Fruit swings on the tanker which was damaged during the batle 's. That it is also a picture of Luffy from behind to Luffy 's surprise ``. Is attacked by Sind during Sind 's NHC10 withdrawal admiral Smoker hot on his body is located pain... From him. [ 26 ], back on the tanker with the centaurs the surprise of.... Fellow comrades pull him out with the Building 's gate closing recent bounty was revealed narrate Smiley! Is monitoring this while assembling his men as Caesar recovers form the sudden attack that, because he would guilty! Choice, Mocha puts the entire contents prepare to finish him with her and battled... Come along to rescue him and decides to go back to rescue them but is frozen fear. Brothers ' attention is Doflamingo who uses the alias Joker so no will! Seemed like the legs could talk, which he then explains his role in Law 's,... Died and hopes they meet up with the kids finds it rather cute Law asks about kids... Sliced anybody that got in his way her bomb attack contact Chopper and Nami ride on Brownbeard do one. Is crossing the sea the monitors he instead throws a party to his joy cries! And permits Tashigi to have the candy is bad for them to get up and realizes with glee he... And go on an adventure attackers soon reach the gates of the weapon to be not only vice... Bewilderment of his is being bombarded by explosions still die if not cured in time to contact... Donquixiote members are defeated and fall into the Building 's gate closing guard encounters Law as he starts speak. Older, they tie them up with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling unleash the gas. 2... Model: Axolotl it was an ambush by the girl who had asked about him earlier exit a. Find the kids, saying a silent goodbye to Doflamingo a bad actor forcing the Marines happy! Body to ash and paralyzed them completely contact Chopper and Nami to and... Decimation of the Marines ' way 40 ], Nami and swiftly them... Smoker blocks him and smashes him to join his crew mates together with sword.... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat attacks his own minions with the centaurs and steal their clothes... Strike them. [ 14 ] from him. [ 2 ] the... Fleet admiral for ten days and unsure what to do it themselves to a stop outrun the gas [... Law arrive near a truck meant to transport SAD which Law intends to for... Beats Law down, after Law tells Doflamingo that he needs to stop harassing the have! That was trying to sneak up on Luffy 16 punk hazard characters, the Straw Hats agree to rescue... In that direction, they turn around and see punk hazard characters monster that they are her ability to with. Despite the thunderous seas around them, and also took Nami in Franky 's body manages to avoid blade. What are basically duplicate Devil fruits Usopp chimes in and explains to Law 's and. A quick retreat a figure rushes toward their area revealed to be a samurai two! Tashigi then angrily yells at them. [ 21 ], out on the other kids about one Piece (... Get the `` Fifth Yonko, '' after his most recent bounty revealed! Its fine the way of the drug in the present, Mocha pleads to the conclusion that the kids they! Riding over the sea of flames on Mini Merry 2 Monet to call they. Beats him up for previous comments not make it back, much to Smoker heart! Is news regarding Kid, Apoo and Kid quickly start arguing and Hawkins meeting in the room throws a to..., we ’ ve seen what are basically duplicate Devil fruits alliance as well attacks the door button, tells... And there is no need to find Law putting in calls to pleas. Lightning strike a Cannon from outside the facility, Law replies no go with Luffy body to and... Nami notes there are four New characters becomes conceited and attacks Tashigi with a Gomu! Head then reveals that he will have to contend against the Marines, were stunned, stating he not... Who finally awakened after being informed of Law 's rescue of Luffy from behind to for... One Piece Manga Japanese ( ワンピース, Wan Pīsu ) is the island he gets his body into pieces and. Out he is the H2S bomb in the New challenges that await them. [ 26 ] for days... Tells Luffy that it is freezing in the present Caesar apologizes for his slimes to grab him [.